• *** Welcome to Sanjeevan Vidyalaya ***.

Chairman’s Desk

Sanjeevan has crossed a milestone of achievement in a decade, bringing massive victories and laurel to the institute. And presently, it has become a major educational hub, welcoming the student of all faith from every nook and corner of the nation. I am immensely happy to say, “A drop of water has given birth to an Ocean. And a seed has grown into a full-fledged tree”.

I hope education should bring balanced individual, extracting the best from body, mind and soul. Practical oriented is the need of the hour to impart firsthand experience to the pupils, instead of maximum stress on theory. Let us not prepare them only for the examination. I feel multidimensional personality cannot be created by instructing only in the classrooms.

“Knowledge doesn’t exist from books alone” said, Saint Kabir. Proving this saying, Sanjeevanites have been excelling in all the horizons and are reaching summits. Resulting to this our three thousand aspirants in the Sanjeevan Campus are gaining knowledge in various spheres and shaping their own lives prudential, as thy name Sanjeevan indicates.

I am indebted to the destiny for given an opportunity to take part into the nation building cause of imparting education for the young minds for a better tomorrow. Tuning to the challenges posed in the field of education, Sanjeevan had started a selfless and eternal journey of imparting knowledge with varietal courses.

Mr. P. R. Bhosale

Founder & Chairman

Sanjeevan Knowledge City, Panhala

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