• *** Welcome to Sanjeevan Vidyalaya ***.

Joint Secretary’s Desk

Dear Ones,

Education is an instrument to shape the child into a vibrant constructive force, capable of elevating the whole aspect of life to new horizons of knowledge and enlightenment. Education is the process of enabling child not merely to live adequately through various facts of education, academic, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and spiritual

We are committed to serve the education beyond our capabilities with total expertise effort in whatever we do & with complete devotion to make them perfect citizen of India.

So we put our best effort to indicate the ennobling qualities of determination, dedication. Through various activities we try to imbibe humility, scientific temperament & rhetoric assonance of body, mind and soul. Group life contributes to develop the sense of patience, friendship opportunities, and coloration. Hence we focus on group dynamics. To make them realize that they shouldn’t be overjoyed by success or disheartened by failure. We give them ample opportunity to participate in various activities.

We wish that our students should lead India in Science, Engineering, IT, C.S. & Sports also. I give my blessing to my students to realize their dreams. So I advice my students to believe in our motto,

“Enlarge your vision with Scientific View”

With Regards


Mr. N. R. Bhosale

Joint Secretary,

Sanjeevan Knowledge City, Panhala